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About Jamie

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👋 Hello #

Greetings! I’m Jamie, a Cloud Engineer based in Merseyside, UK. My journey began in the IT industry within the dynamic Legal sector. Commencing from the frontlines of the Service Desk, I ascended through the ranks to conquer the role of a proficient System Administrator.

Zooming in to 2023, I’ve embraced the remote work culture, flourishing as a Cloud Engineer at Shaping Cloud. My expertise revolves around the seamless orchestration of Microsoft Azure and the robust realm of Microsoft 365. I passionately assist clients in the art of migrating their invaluable workloads to the cloud. Moreover, I illuminate the path to harnessing the full potential of the Microsoft 365 platform, synergizing it with cutting-edge modern work methodologies.

What I do #

☁️ Mastery in the Microsoft Cloud realm - whether entailing the seamless migration to Azure, amplifying the advantages of cloud technology, or intricately crafting plans and designs for cloud-first workloads.

🔒 Ensuring Robust Security - Employing Contemporary Methods and Technologies to Safeguard Technology, Infrastructure, and Data Assets while Offering Expert Guidance to Organizations.

📖 Embracing Open Source - Using open source technology and tools to help and embolden organisations and projects

Harnessing Technology for Positive Change - Leveraging Cloud Innovations to Support Local, Nationwide, and Non-Profit Initiatives, Enabling a Meaningful and Lasting Social Impact.

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