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Welcome to my website

This isn’t my first time attempting to write a tech based blog. I have tried a couple of times in the past writing about consumer technology first, which was relatively successful. In the early 2010’s I started a simple Wordpress blog which I reviewed and wrote about the latest consumer tech, I even had a contact with a Vodafone supplier, who provided me and other tech bloggers with sample devices to use and review.

This is where I realised a website officially hosted with Wordpress, wasn’t going to be the thing for me, due to the lack of customisation and plugins (I later found out if we hosted Wordpress elsewhere we could have had a much greater website!)

We thought this was a cool Logo!

Following on from leaving university and actually trying to earn a living, I tried my hand at writing an IT/Tech blog with a friend I worked with, it worked out fine for a few months, but again we lost the appetite to keep up with writing any new content.

Since covid and the joy of remote working, I have now found a new lease of confidence to start back blogging again and building this website with new Azure tech encouraged me to get this going. Since working at Shaping Cloud, who have a few people in the tech industry writing their own content, it has gave me a new lease of life in learning more and more with Cloud technology and how to reach as far as I can in my career.

Reading content from the likes of Gregor Suttie and watching videos from the great John Savill keeps me up to date with the latest Azure technology and makes me want to learn more and more each day.

I will start off small, posting maybe once or twice week, speaking about what tech I have been working with and maybe some guides and how to’s.

Thanks again for taking your time to read my first blog post on my new personal site. I hope that this initial blog becomes one of many in the future and I can look back and think how bad I wrote this. See you soon.

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